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vltavínThe first tektites were found in 1788 in the river Vltava (Moldau in German) in southern Bohemia. It is what their original name is derived from.
Tektites are usually transparent and occur in a range of colours from green to brown. Their surface is rugged or coarse with a characteristic texture, lumpy, churned up or scarred.
Their origin is subjected to mystery. Most probably they were formed after an impact of a huge meteorite in the territory of the current Bavaria in Germany; in fact it concerns meteoric glass. The impact of the meteorite caused a huge explosion, during which the earth rocks were molten together with the meteorite and in the form of drops, they were airborne up to the distance of 450 kilometres where they fell on the territory of the current southern Bohemia and Moravia.
In astrology, Vltavines (moldavites) are assigned to the sign of Gemini and they have a significant energetic effect. Thanks to its shape and furrowed surface, each individual moldavite is unique. Therefore also the jewels with moldavite, hand-made by our goldsmiths, bear the features of originality and unrepeatability.