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The firm Josef Drahoňovský STUDIO D ŠPERK – STUDIO D JEWELS company was established in 1989, de facto immediately after the “Velvet Revolution”, as a small goldsmith workshop engaged in the production of gold and silver jewels with genuine stones, especially garnets.
Nowadays, the firm operates under the trade name STUDIO ŠPERK s. r. o. With pride we can say that the idea to follow-up the long-term tradition of jewel production and stone treatment in the region of Turnov and its surroundings has been correct. Turnov, like Pforzheim in Germany or Vicenza in Italy, has not only a tradition but also a potential to continue in this art-and-craft skill developed already by our forefathers.
The tradition of the goldsmith craft of the Drahoňovský family was commenced in the late 19th century by Josef Drahoňovský, who later became a professor at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, a prominent Czech glyptic artist, who was accepted totally exceptionally, at his age of 13 years, to the studies at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Turnov in 1890. The father of the owner of the firm, goldsmith master Mr. Josef Drahoňovský, then followed up this tradition and passed his experience further on.
The owner of the firm, Josef Drahoňovský, master of arts, his wife Libuše, daughter Kateřina and son Jan, all of whom graduated from the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Turnov, have followed-up this tradition successfully. The employees of the firm can be also called, without any exaggeration, real experts and professionals. The same applies to our partnering firms in the field of gem stone grinding.


It is definitely no overstatement when we say that the company’s employees are all real experts and professionals. The same holds true for our partner companies in the field of precious stones cutting.
With goldsmith’s and cutting companies, the craft is passed from generation to generation. If it had not been for the hard administrative decision of the state at the beginning of the 50’s which led to the liquidation of trades, there would surely be many more companies nowadays which would have been successfully working since the beginning of the last century.
At present, the company employs 25 people in its own premises in Turnov and is completely independent technologically and production-wise.
The company’s ambition is to keep the high arts and crafts level of Bohemian garnet jewels so that they not only please their owners but are also passed from generation to generation, as it was in the past.

address: PROUSKOVA 1724, 511 01 TURNOV
phone: +420 481 311 276,  fax: +420 481 311 570
e-mail: info@drahonovsky.cz